Manufacturing Solutions


Fire Retardant grade beads of white in color & spherical in shape are expanded in continuous Pre-expander. After achieving desired density between 12-18 g/l, these beads are stored in silo to attain atmospheric condition and for block production.

The block size is of 3.0M long x 1.2M wide x 0.6M thick with a tolerance up to 30mm in plus. Here process takes place by fusion method which is created by vacuum & steam supply. Then blocks are cooled to atmospheric temperature by quenching it in cool water.  Then blocks are stores under shelter for removal of moisture which can be achieved in a day.

Moisture free blocks are taken for EPS sheet cutting in straight form or in 2 dimensional shapes

Also Grey color EPS (NEOPOR) Polystyrene also can be produced in Jehan Factory facilities.



Welded Wire meshes are produced by feeding number of line wires & cross wires feed over line wire.

These wires are then welded by electrically sport welding method by using copper electrodes connected to high voltage power source. Wire mesh produced are in roll form in range of 25M to 250M depends on wire diameter & customer needs. With machine available in JEHAN factory, following type of materials can be welded.

  • Mild Steel wires
  • Galvanized Steel wires
  • Stainless steel wires

Wire mesh available in wire diameter range from 0.5 mm to 6.0 mm and it is available in square shape of ½’ x ½’ to 8” x 8”. It is also available in customized mesh openings of rectangular in shape. Also width of wire meshes available up to maximum of 3.0M

Wire Mesh produced in roll form also can be cut to length as sheet/panel as per customer requirement



Fire Retardant Thermal insulator expandable polystyrene is used in production of EVG technology 3D panels. It is covered with Galvanized steel wires on both sides and connected with Galvanized steel wire called Truss wire OR Diagonal wires. With state of art technology these diagonal wires are pierced through polystyrene with certain angle and welded by electrical spot welding method on both sides. With highly automated PLC control machine the dimensions are maintained very accurate.

3D panels are available with following specifications.

  1. Fire Retardant Expandable Polystyrene
  2. Density Range – 14 to 18 g/l
  3. EPS Color – White/Grey
  4. EPS thickness - 40 to 170 mm
  5. Steel wire for mesh – Galvanized
  6. Steel for Diagonal – Galvanized/Stainless steel
  7. Standard width – 1.2 M
  8. Standard height - Customized (Floor to slab height, in steps of 100cm i.e. 3.0, 3.1,...M)


These 3D panels can be designed and produced to achieve thermal transmittance value of 0.34 W/m².K. With Special EPS & Truss wire, thermal transmittance value can be achieved to 0.22 W/m².K


Benefits of 3D panel

  1. Low Carbon Solution
  2. Fast Construction
  3. Low Manpower Requirement
  4. Ideal For Volumetric Construction
  5. Cost Efficient Construction System
  6. Alternative Structural System
  7. Superior thermal insulation
  8. Higher value of recycled material
  9. Architects delight, can form any shape easily
  10. Monolithic structure, enhanced resistance to lateral forces



Chain link fence meshes are produced in Galvanized wire and Galvanized wire with PVC coat. It is available in roll forms.  PVC coats confirm to color code of RAL6005. Aperture of mesh opening ranges from 25x25 to 60x60mm.

Other Solutions

Cable tray wire baskets are available with standard mesh opening of 100x50 mm in 3M length with either 25/30 mm edge openings. It is available in Pre-Galvanized wires & in Stainless steel wires. Cable tray wire basket can be supplied in Electro-Galvanized & Hot Dip galvanized finish.

Benefits of Cable tray wire basket are

  1. Free air circulation to reduce cable heat
  2. Easy identification & tracing
  3. Flexible & light weight design
  4. Fast & Simple installation method
  5. More strong with electrically spot welded

Cable trays are available in 4.0/5.0/6.0mm in wire diameter.

Shelving racks are available in welded mesh of standard opening with 100x50 mm in 1.2M width of edge bend to 50mm or in customized bending size. It is also available in pre-galvanized wires & in stainless steel wires. Shelving racks are available in wire diameter of 4.0/5.0/6.0 mm

Benefits of shelving racks in welded wire mesh

  1. Long life
  2. High Strength
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Useful in areas where fire prevention is important
  5. Does not block flow of water incase of fire



Coir Pith is the product from Coconut outer shell which has water holding capacity of 10 times to its mass, inherent with NPK, and ideal growth medium for soilless & insect free cultivation for all type of plants.

Coir imported with lowest EC and pH value is blended in our factory with minerals and natural organic manure. Such compost materials are manufactured under high quality control methods, maintaining pH value to 7 after blend.  Coir compost is renewable and has longer life when mixed with soil for cultivation purposes.

Benefits of Coir Peat compost

  1. Water absorbent material
  2. Can hold 10 times of water to its weight by volume
  3. Absorption property of material saves water consumption
  4. Inherent p-k, helps plant growth
  5. Excellent alternate to peat moss, which depleting world over
  6. It is renewable energy
  7. Do not disintegrate in fast manner and stay in soil for longer period
  8. Insect free growth can be achieved
  9. Coir pith mixed with natural soil & organic manure increase growth rate by 60%
  10. It is alternate for cultivation soil
  11. It is light in weight



Hoarding fence (temporary boundary fence) is produced in our factory with highly equipped automated machines of Shearing & Bending machines. All joineries are done by Riveting method. Concrete blocks also casted in factory for this fence base requirement. It is available in standard size of 2.0 X 2.2 M. And it is available in half white colour. Also can be produced & supplied in Fanta/Blue/Green colour, based on customer requirement. Customized sizes also can be supplied.


Light weight steel fabrication work with conventional welding & cutting method. Product like frames, grills, barriers, handrails, Chequer plates and staircase are produced with highly experienced skilled persons. Finishing like painting, powder coating and galvanizing can be done.