Giving Back To Our Employees

CSR Initiatives For Employees

In its entirety, CSR involves ethical behaviour with respect for the law, respect for the industry we work in and respect for the people we work with and work for. At Green Bridge, CSR is not just about donations or charity, but also about how the company operates – responsibly.

Social responsibility has always been a part of Green Bridge’s corporate character. We believe that treating our employees as internal customers are critical to their satisfaction and in turn will help ensure the satisfaction of other external stakeholders like clients. And in tune with the Green Bridge vision to give back to the employees in such a way that it benefits their health, safety and welfare, the company undertakes the following CSR initiatives:

Ignite: A 2-day induction programme along with a special induction kit for the staff.

Swagatham: A 4 –day induction programme for labourers. During this programme, we induct the labourers to the Green Bridge culture, life in the UAE and most importantly, impart knowledge of HSE and quality related matters.

Skill Enhancement And Upgradation Programmes are offered to train labour force and staff.

Cultural programmes like Smart Idol help labourers to interact more with the society.

CrEDO: Construction Employees Day Out (CrEDO), is a programme for and by the employees of Green Bridge. Every year, we hold this cultural evening for our labour force and our skilled and unskilled workers are recognized for their job-related performances over the year.

Grievance Handling programmes like Tell Me and Dil Se ensure a positive atmosphere at work.

Learning From Peers: This is a reciprocal learning activity where all peers mutually benefit from one another. Over the years, Green Bridge has seen huge benefits like filling up the knowledge gap, learning the best practices in the industry and enhancing interaction among peers.

Green Bridge also offers regular health checkups and computer literacy programmes to provide employees with necessary skills, to ensure their welfare and to improve the productivity of employees.

Reporting Made Rewarding: In order to rectify problems immediately and take necessary action, Green Bridge rewards everyone who brings safety related issues to our notice. If you are in any of the company’s construction premises and have noticed incidents Hazards/unsafe conditions/unsafe acts that impact the safety of workers or the nearby community, you can report it to site safety office/Supervisor and in return, Green Bridge will offer coupons that can be redeemed for gifts.