Building A Better Tomorrow


 At Green Bridge, we make it our priority to meet the clients’ requirements and offer them green and environment-friendly construction solutions. And as one of the leading green building consultants in Dubai and across the GCC, we have introduced a breakthrough in construction with a unique and alternative structural system called the 3D panels.



The 3D Panel is an innovative construction system providing energy efficient and sustainable construction around the globe. Offering excellent insulation properties, it not only saves on energy costs, but also helps save the environment. The panels are also flexible in terms of design and are lightweight, which leads to savings in costs and time during construction. It is also an ideal alternative structural system for low rise construction and also non load bearing infill walls.

Currently, Jehan Green Walls, functioning under Green Bridge, manufactures almost 4000 sq.m. of 3D panels per day and the facility is fully integrated, producing its own EPS and Wire Mesh. Green Bridge has successfully used the material for 2 buildings with LEED ratings in the UAE. The 3D Panels have also been used on the first MINERGIE rated building in the Middle East.



  • Superior Thermal Insulation - which in turn ensure energy efficiency and sustainability.
  • Faster Construction - faster than conventional products, as they are factory made and come in larger sizes.
  • Less Manpower - manpower requirement for the construction goes down by 70%.
  • Ideal for Volumetric Construction - gives a good economy of scale and speed in execution of a large scale project.
  • Flexible Designs - any two dimensional design is possible using the product; arches, sloping roofs are easily created.
  • Monolithic Structures - the concreting is all done together thus providing a single box structure or a monolithic structure which has better resistance to earthquakes.
  • No RCC Required - however, the construction can achieve bigger spans with a combination of RCC and 3D system.
  • Easier Housekeeping & Reduced Transportation Of Material.