The Man Behind The Success
Dr Harshad Mehta Founder

Anything new we do needs a lot of courage and hard work. A leap of faith and proper homework leads you to your destination.

When we diversified from our core business to setting up the 3D Panel manufacturing plant, we trusted the potential in the UAE market and our people who were excited and ready for the tough road ahead.

With the everlasting perseverance of the team and dedication with which they have worked, we are at a stage where we can position ourselves as a recognizable player in the construction industry of the region.

With the vision of the UAE and their capabilities to make it the world’s best place, I foresee a period of development and growth which shall take us all to unprecedented heights.

The construction industry is evolving very fast with new products and technology. It is not very difficult to construct the unimaginable. The right knowledge and the right people are required to be employed.

I have full faith in the fraternity to put the UAE on a global map of breathtaking buildings.

My dream of constructing buildings which leave a legacy by being sustainable are shared by the authorities and we see new norms forming as a part of the way we do construction.

I am sure my team will continue the good work and provide the best of services when it comes to green buildings or turnkey solutions.

The future looks bright with hopes, dreams, aspirations and goals. It’s our time to take on the business world with fervor. It is only befitting to our good selves to continue the hard work and strive to improve in every area at work and in life.

Remember, this is it; this is who we are and this is all we got. If we need to see business growth like we have never seen before, we need to do things that we have never done before, which include doing things that will improve business performance and relevance.

At the same time, we are committed to doing business in a responsible way. A key part of our commitment is the pledge to care for the development of our own colleagues as well as the communities in which we operate. This is the core to our corporate social responsibility (CSR) philosophy.

I wish all of you great success in all your endeavors. Let’s make history together!

Dr. Harshad Mehta