Giving Back To The Society

CSR Initiatives for External Stakeholders

In its entirety, CSR involves ethical behavior with respect for the law, respect for the industry we work in and respect for the people we work with and work for. At Green Bridge, CSR is not just about donations or charity, but also about how the company operates – responsibly.

Social responsibility has always been a part of Green Bridge’s corporate character. We believe that CSR initiatives for our external stakeholders cannot be separated from everyday business; because the success of every business is based on its relationship with the external world. And in tune with the Green Bridge vision to give back to the society in such a way that it benefits the environment and the external stakeholders, the company undertakes and collaborates with the following CSR initiatives:

LIFE: We have been associated with the well-known organization, LIFE, for the past 22 years. LIFE has played a major role in reconstructing schools in Kutch, Gujarat (India) after the devastating earthquake in January 2001. We are also associated with Rotary International and support the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which has made a commitment to eradicating polio from the world.

Mandar: Initiated in 2012 by the founder of Green Bridge, Dr. Harshad Mehta, Mandar is the CSR initiative of our parent company - 7Cs.

The Mandar motto ‘Connecting Goodwill to Good Work’ captures the CSR essence of the group. 7Cs group ensures that sales and profits are derived with integrity. This includes respect for human rights, labor practices, fair trade and fair operating practices, resolving consumer issues and ensuring community development.

UN Global Compact recognizes the commitment of 7Cs to implement the 10 principles of sustainable business practice and has accepted the group as members.

Green Bridge also collaborates with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce for community-based initiatives like:

Give And Gain Day 2017: Give & Gain Day, organized by the Dubai Chamber Of Commerce, is a celebration of the power and potential of employee volunteering across the world.

Mawaheb: Mawaheb from Beautiful People is an art studio for adults with special needs from 16 years and above.

Stepping Stones:  Stepping Stones is an internationally recognized organization that utilizes evidenced-based practices to treat and educate individuals diagnosed across various areas of developmental and learning difficulties.

Green Bridge is also involved in various environment-friendly community programs and strives hard ensure that all business operations minimize waste and preserve the natural environment. The company produces Coir Pith in their factories to enable environment-friendly irrigation for arid lands, is involved in the LEAN program using Kaizen & 5S tools, builds community gardens and parks and encourages recycling in labor camps. Green Bridge also participated in the Clean up the World’ initiative by the Dubai Municipality with a slogan, Our place, our planet & our responsibility. Campaign activities include the cleaning of public places in the emirate, such as beaches, parks and Dubai Creek with the participation of volunteers from our company too.

Some of the other social initiatives that Green Bridge supports are:

Action Care ( Action Care, based in the UAE, supports diverse educational development and aid projects both in the UAE and throughout the region. The initiative mainly provides solutions for Volunteer Empowerment, Early Childhood Development, Women's Empowerment, Library Construction, Schools for Children with Special Needs, Youth Leadership and Vocational Training, IT Lab Setup, Animation Programs, Aid Distribution, Medical Camps, Uplifting Underprivileged and Refugee Children; etc. The Action Care projects cover Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria and Turkey.

Science India Forum - UAE ( This forum is a voluntary organization, supported by the Embassy of India in the UAE, professionals, business people and philanthropists. They work with school children, conducting several annual programs like ‘Knowledge Fair’, visits to scientific institutions, scientific paper presentations, quiz competitions, etc. - with the objective of encouraging children to choose science as a career.