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The Green Bridge Group Of Companies

Green Bridge, a business unit of the 7Cs Group, was incorporated in 2008 and consists of three companies - Global Green Bridge contracting LLC, Jehan Green Walls FZE and Falcon Investments & Construction LLC.

The 7Cs Group

The 7Cs group consists of 22 different and unique business verticals that are professionally managed by experts in various industries. The Group is owned by the Mehta family, with the patriarch Dr. Harshad Mehta at the helm of affairs and assisted by the record holder Mr. Rihen Mehta.

The Formation of Green Bridge

Green Bridge is a leading construction company offering green building solutions and other manufacturing solutions of exemplary standards. The company has a G + unlimited license, adequate infrastructure & machineries and also employs 1800+ professionals, including 125 engineers, who can deliver design and build contracting jobs of complex nature with the highest standards of precision and value engineering.

The Green Bridge Group consists of 3 companies:

  • Global Green Bridge contracting LLC
  • Jehan Green Walls FZE, Sharjah
  • Falcon Investment and Construction LLC, Oman

These three companies together provide 5 solutions, namely Design and Build Contracting, Green Building Solutions, Interior Fit-Out Solutions, Manufacturing Solutions and Project Management Solutions.

 Why Clients Prefer Green Bridge:

  • Our professional approach.
  • Our experience in the construction of luxurious residential projects, commercial and industrial buildings and institutional projects.
  • Our ability to provide green products and solutions.
  • Our systems and processes are authenticated through ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality certification.
  • We have a G+ unlimited construction licence from the Dubai Municipality.
  • We held a safety record of 7 million Loss Time Injuries (LTI) free hours as on 31st March, 2015.
  • We have a history of 100% completion of all projects undertaken.
  • We are experienced design & build contractors.
  • We specialize in construction of factories with relevant specifications and process expectations.
  • We provide reliable interior fit-out and turnkey solutions, in collaboration with the world’s largest hardware retail chains, like ACE hardware

Why Sub-Contractors And Suppliers Prefer Green Bridge:

  • Our belief in mutual benefit and growth.
  • We fulfill all our commitments towards our partners and pay them on time.
  • We deal with them professionally, ethically, legally and with transparency.
  • We facilitate and coordinate with them throughout the project, till its completion.